Focus on your business. Not your business tools.

PCH Computing provides integrated business solutions and customized IT support. Because we have a trusted advisor relationship with several companies, we come in with a broad perspective and the ability to not just fix things when they break, but often bring solutions to an organization before a fix is needed.

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About PCH Computing

Trust in business experience

With experience in both business management and computer services, we know the challenges you face — and what technological solutions will fix them.

Rely on consistent support

We know the frustrations of impersonal help lines or rotating customer service reps who don't know your company's history and needs. With PCH, you'll get the same service rep, every monthly visit, every phone call.

Servicing the Washington DC Metro Area

IT Services

Setup & Security

Without a secure network, your company is vulnerable to competitors, hackers, and destructive viruses that can shut down your business for days. We cover it all, so you don't have to:

  • Setting up, and maintaining servers, including:
    • Installing the latest security upgrades, patches, and service packs
    • Monitoring the server's application, security, and system logs for potential problems
  • Setting up peer-to-peer networks, file sharing, and printer sharing
  • Configuring and maintaining network devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless
  • Configuring and securing PCs
  • Optimizing desktop efficiency
  • Installing and updating anti-virus, anti-spyware/adware, anti-spam software
  • Maintaining software upgrades
  • Insuring intrusion protection

Support & Training

PCH Computing is committed to ensuring that your technological solutions remain usable, yet flexible and current in response to customer demands. To that end, we offer:

  • Monthly visits at your office to review your operations' security, productivity, and usability.
  • Telephone and remote access support. Any problem, big or small, we're just a phone call away — and we guarantee the same support rep, every time.
  • In-office training for any Microsoft Office software.

We'll be there when you need us.

Remote Access

To remain competitive and responsive, you and your employees need access to your email and files 24/7. We can develop and maintain an easy-to-use and secure remote access solution to help you access files and applications from anywhere in the world, using any Internet connection. Benefits include:

  • Your main office can log on to branch office desktops, or your branch offices can access the main office server.
  • Employees and telecommuters can access and share email, files, programs, and other network resources from home or the road.
  • Sales forces can retrieve applications and documents to work most efficiently while on the road.

Flexible work environments help companies work better and faster. PCH Computing can make remote access work.

Data Backup & Recovery

Most small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford the loss of data. PCH understands that data backup and disaster recovery are a major concern of an entire organization. PCH works with the client to develop an effective backup plan so if data is lost, the data can be restored quickly and efficiently.

Along with an effective backup plan, PCH works with the client to develop and map out a cost effective disaster recovery plan so our clients can continue working when the worst happens.

Mobile Device Integration

As mobile communications continue to be more important to all employees, PCH works with the client to integrate user’s mobile devices so they will receive and synchronize email with their email system. In addition, PCH works with the client so they can access files on their mobile devices such as iPads.


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